Using this site. When Stuttgart was run as a (or within) the Duchy of Württemberg, it was governed by a type of protectorate called a Vogt appointed by the Duke. The club withdrew its first team from the Bundesliga in 1996 for financial reasons. Log In. Despite protests and local initiatives, surveys are currently underway to assess the impact of a second runway.[181]. These units of soldiers retrained in patrol and policing provided the law and order in the American zone of occupied Germany until the civilian German police forces could be re-established. [60] When Eberhard Ludwig died, his nephew Charles Alexander, ascended to the throne. [102] In 1944, the city centre was entirely in ruins due to British and American bombers that could now more easily attack the city. Kala Club. The newspapers Stuttgarter Zeitung (StZ; regional, with significant supra-regional, national and international sections) and Stuttgarter Nachrichten (StN; regional) are published here as well as a number of smaller, local papers such as Cannstatter Zeitung. [140], At the center of Stuttgart lies its main square, Schlossplatz. The VII Corps Headquarters returned to Germany for a short period to close out operations and was deactivated later in the United States. [20] Today, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche both have their headquarters in Stuttgart, as well as automotive parts giants Bosch and Mahle. [111] Klett's Stuttgart saw two major media events: the same year the partnership with Strasbourg was finalized, then French president Charles de Gaulle visited the city and Ludwigsburg Palace in the ending moments of his state visit to Germany,[112] and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom visited the city 24 May 1965.[113]. Stuttgart; Stuttgart. The "Archive instigator" is dedicated to the dead of the city. Foto: Martin Naujocks [158] The other is the Neckar-Käpt'n, only available from May to October, which cruises on the Neckar river from its dock at Wilhelma in Bad Cannstatt. Ärzte warnten: Wer im Winter seinen Sonnenhunger künstlich stillt, erkauft sich den Genuss mit einem erhöhten Hautkrebsrisiko. The metropolitan area is the site of the world or German headquarters for a number of prominent companies, including Daimler AG and Porsche. At the far end of Schlossgarten lies the second Green U park, the larger Rosensteinpark which borders Stuttgart's Wilhelma zoo and botanical gardens. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. This often surprises visitors who associate the city with its reputation as the "cradle of the automobile". Following the suit of other German cities such as Berlin, Cologne and Hanover, on 1 March 2008 a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) came into effect in Stuttgart with the aim of improving air quality. In 2003, 8535 crimes were committed in Stuttgart for every 100,000 inhabitants (versus the average for all German cities of 12,751). 1800 seats). [127] Due to these 2 major headquarters, Stuttgart has been identified as one of the few "enduring communities" where the United States forces will continue to operate in Germany. Hunderte hatten in der Fußgängerzone randaliert, geplündert und die Polizei attackiert. 21.06.2020, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart: Menschen stehen vor einem geplünderten Geschäft in der Marienstraße. Es flogen Pflastersteine auf vorbeifahrende Polizeiautos, Schaufenster wurden eingeschlagen und Geschäfte geplündert. Not Now . There are also a number of road tunnels under intersections in the center of Stuttgart. Stuttgarts Oberbürgermeister Fritz Kuhn (Grüne) hat neben Alkohol auch das Geltungsbewusstsein in sozialen Medien als Grund für die Ausschreitungen in Stuttgart in der Nacht zu Sonntag genannt. Königstraße, Stuttgart's most important shopping street which runs along the northwestern edge of Schlossplatz, claims to be the longest pedestrianized street in Germany.[143]. Stuttgart is served by Stuttgart Airport (German: Flughafen Stuttgart, IATA airport code STR), an international airport approximately 13 km (8 mi) south of the city centre on land belonging mainly to neighboring towns. Portal developed with the … The year prior, Robert Bosch opened his first "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering" in Stuttgart. As in the rest of Germany, football is the most popular sport in Stuttgart which is home to 'The Reds' and 'The Blues'. Since shortly after the end of World War II, there has been a US military presence in Stuttgart. Each district has a council headed by a District Director. 32 Beamte wurden verletzt. Stuttgart has a light rail system known as the Stuttgart Stadtbahn. [128] The remaining U.S. bases around Stuttgart are organized into US Army Garrison Stuttgart and include Patch Barracks, Robinson Barracks, Panzer Kaserne and Kelley Barracks. Wer hat in Stuttgart randaliert? [f] The circumstances of what later became known as "The Stuttgart Crisis" provoked political repercussions that reached even the White House. Stuttgart then became capital of Württemberg-Baden, one of the three areas of Allied occupation in Baden-Württemberg, from 1945 until 1952. At the height of the Cold War over 45,000 Americans were stationed across over 40 installations in and around the city. "[25] 40% of Stuttgart's residents, and 64% of the population below the age of five, are of immigrant background. [125] The US Constabulary headquarters was disbanded in 1950 and most of the force was merged into the newly organized 7th Army. [109] His speech led to the unification of the British and American occupation zones, resulting in the 'bi-zone' (later the 'tri-zone' when the French reluctantly agreed to cede their occupied territory to the new state). From there, the districts are broken down into quarters. The whole compound, with its ornate pavilions, greenhouses, walls and gardens was built around 1850 as a summer palace in moorish style for King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. Zerbrochene Scheiben, geplünderte Geschäfte, Angriffe auf Polizisten: In Stuttgarts Innenstadt bricht mitten in der Nacht Randale aus. An established team currently playing in the German Bundesliga, VfB was founded in 1893 and has won five German titles since 1950, most recently in 1992 and 2007. The city and metropolitan area are consistently ranked among the top 20 European metropolitan areas by GDP; Mercer listed Stuttgart as 21st on its 2015 list of cities by quality of living,[a][9] innovation agency 2thinknow ranked the city 24th globally out of 442 cities[10][b] and the Globalization and World Cities Research Network ranked the city as a Beta-status Global city in their 2014 survey. The heaviest raid took place on 12 September 1944, when the Royal Air Force, dropping over 184,000 bombs – including 75 blockbusters – levelled Stuttgart's city centre, killing 957 people in the resulting firestorm. Jetzt könnte es sein, dass durch die hohen Mieten eine hohe soziale Kluft entsteht, wo Teile der Bevölkerung quasi vom Tisch fallen. [36] There have also been attempts at a derivation from a Gaulish *kondâti- "confluence". The Green U. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Official Tourism Site of Stuttgart, Germany, Official Site of the city of Stuttgart, Germany, Stuttgart - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). The Landeskirchliche Archives preserve the stocks of the Württemberg church leaders and of other ecclesial bodies and institutions: the ducal and royal Württemberg consistory, the Evangelical Supreme Ecclesiastical Council, deanery and parish archives, educational institutions, the works and associations as well as estates and collections. Este al șaselea oraș din Germania ca dimensiune, iar "Regiunea Stuttgart" este a patra conurbație a țării. All these cities were examined by the Parlamentarischer Rat,[110] but ultimately Bonn won the bid when the Republic was founded on 23 May 1949. Das Ereignis bedeutete einen auch von Zeitgenossen wie Hieronymus, Augustinus und Orosius intensiv diskutierten Einschnitt in der Geschichte Roms. [94] The hotel was used for the transit of Nazi prisoners of conscience including Eugen Bolz, Kurt Schumacher, and Lilo Herrmann to concentration camps. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. Stuttgart (dpa) - Nach der Stuttgarter Chaos-Nacht mit Plünderungen und Randale von mehreren hundert Menschen verlangt Innenminister Horst Seehofer harte Strafen für die Täter. Este împărțit în 23 de districte (Bad Cannstatt, Möhringen, Stammheim, Feuerbach etc.) Stuttgart is served by Autobahn A8, that runs east–west from Karlsruhe to Munich, and Autobahn A81 that runs north–south from Würzburg to Singen. Stuttgart has an inland port in Hedelfingen on the Neckar. It's a 41 position in Popularity Rating for companies in School category in Stuttgart, Germany. Stuttgart's current Bürgermeister (mayor) is Fritz Kuhn of the centre-left Alliance '90/The Greens party (German Green party). The French 5th Armored Division then captured Stuttgart on 21 April 1945, encountering little resistance. [102] The Allies lost 300 aircraft and seven to ten enlisted men. Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof is the primary railway station in the city of Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany.It is the largest regional and long-distance railway station in Stuttgart, the main node of the Stuttgart S-Bahn network, and, together with the station at Charlottenplatz, it is the main node of the Stuttgart Stadtbahn. [164], Unemployment in the Stuttgart Region is above the average of Baden-Württemberg, but very low compared to other metropolitan areas in Germany. [74] Stuttgart had a role to play during the revolution of 1848/1849 as well. WER HAT ANGST VOR SIBYLLE BERG - Premiere in Stuttgart laserhotline. After years of political debate and controversy, plans were approved in October 2007 to convert the existing above-ground main train station to an underground through station. In 1488, Stuttgart officially became the de facto residence of the Count himself as opposed to the location of his home, the Old Castle. Of those, 67.8% of the residential buildings and 75% of the Industrial structures were destroyed. Among others, this gallery houses works from Max Beckmann, Dalí, Matisse, Miró, Picasso, Klee, Chagall and Kandinsky. Stuttgart airport is Germany's only international airport with one runway. Randale und Plünderungen: In der Nacht zum Sonntag liefern sich in Stuttgart dutzende Gruppen Straßenschlachten mit der Polizei. Unemployment in the actual city of Stuttgart during the same periods stood at 5.2% and 6.0% (8 Nov and 9 Feb respectively). Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The largest is the Max-Eyth-See, which was created in 1935 by reclaiming a former quarry and is now an official nature reserve. At the end of the Second World War, French administrators appointed the independent politician Arnulf Klett as Burgomaster, a role he fulfilled without interruption until his death in 1974. Mercedes-Benz Museum. [147] Later, in the early 19th Century, the city continued to grow and many vineyards were replaced by houses and streets and the Stäffele were used as footpaths to connect the newly built neighborhoods. [156] It is also home to a large English speaking church, The International Baptist Church of Stuttgart.[157]. The Habsburgs once again had full reign of the city for another four years, and in that time Stuttgart had to carry the burden of billeting the pro-Habsburg armies in Swabia. One of the largest wine-producing communes (groups of growers who take their grapes to a central location for processing and distribution) in Germany, it has an extensive wine and fruit trade. Especially devoted to the National Library of acquiring, cataloging, archiving and provision of literature about Württemberg, called Württembergica. Diese Frage treibt derzeit nicht nur die Polizei und Politik um. It lies an hour from the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest. Wine-growing in the area dates back to 1108 when, according to State archives, Blaubeuren Abbey was given vineyards in Stuttgart as a gift from 'Monk Ulrich'. Since 1930 the title of Oberbürgermeister (the nearest equivalent of which would be an executive form of Lord Mayor in English) has applied to Stuttgart and all other Württemberg towns of more than 20,000 inhabitants. In 2014, 26.2% of inhabitants were Protestant and 24.0% were Roman Catholic. In the late 1970s, the municipal district of Stammheim was centre stage to one of the most controversial periods of German post-war history. We have reviews of the best places to see in Stuttgart. Six matches, three of them second round matches, including the 3rd and 4th place playoff, were played at the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium (today Mercedes-Benz Arena). Eberhard seized the opportunity granted to him by the political chaos, and recaptured his hometown and birthplace in 1316,[41] and made much territorial gain. The early 1320s were an important one for Stuttgart: Eberhard I moved the seat of the county to the city to a new and expanded castle,[42] the collegiate church in Beutelsbach, where previous members of the Württemberg dynasty had been buried prior to its destruction in 1311,[41] moved to its current location in Stuttgart in 1320,[41] and the town's Stiftkirche was expanded into an abbey, and the control of the Martinskirche by the Bishopric of Constance was broken by Papal order in 1321. The Württembergische Landesbibliothek (WLB) is one of two state libraries for Baden-Württemberg. As with many military installations, a settlement sprang up nearby and remained there even after the limes moved further east. Die Bundesregierung hat die Krawalle und Übergriffe auf Polizisten am Wochenende in Stuttgart scharf verurteilt. Stuttgart is the seat of the University of Hohenheim (founded 1818), the University of Stuttgart (founded 1829), and the Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (founded 1998). [95] Participants of the Kristallnacht burned the Old Synagogue to the ground[96] along with the relics contained within and also destroyed its Jewish cemetery. As well as being the largest square in Stuttgart, it stands at the crossover point between the city's shopping area, Schlossgarten park which runs down to the river Neckar, Stuttgart's two central castles and major museums and residential areas to the south west. The New State Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany. VfB is based at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Bad Cannstatt. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The Stadtarchiv Stuttgart is the archive in charge of the provincial capital Stuttgart. [18] It is spread across a variety of hills (some of them covered in vineyards),[19] valleys (especially around the Neckar river and the Stuttgart basin) and parks. By comparison: unemployment for the whole of Germany stood at 7.1% (8 Nov) and 8.5% (9 Feb).[165][166]. Zu den Ausschreitungen und Plünderungen in Stuttgart kam es in der Nacht vom 20. auf den 21. Nachdem in Stuttgart 40 Läden angegriffen und teilweise entglast wurden, 9 geplündert wurden, Polizeiautos zerlegt wurden und man auch die Einsatzkräfte angegriffen hat, stellen sich diese Heuchler der LinksRotGrünen Toleranzpolitik vor die Presse und weinen vorgetäuschte Krokodilstränen. Zwölf Streifenwagen wurden teilweise erheblich beschädigt, 32 Polizisten verletzt, ein Polizeibeamter erlitt einen Bruch des Handgelenks. [68] Within Stuttgart, the royal residence was expanded under Frederick although many of Stuttgart's most important buildings, including Wilhelm Palace, Katharina Hospital, the State Gallery, the Villa Berg and the Königsbau were built under the reign of King Wilhelm I. [12], Stuttgart is also a transport junction, and possesses the sixth-largest airport in Germany. Building work started in 2010 with controversial modifications to the Hauptbahnhof and should be completed in 2020. Using this site. We have reviews of the best places to see in Stuttgart. [81] Almost 45% of Baden-Württemberg scientists involved in R&D are based directly in the Swabian capital. The most famous neighbourhood in Stuttgart is definitely Bad Canstatt. 'The Blues', Stuttgarter Kickers, are the second most important football team. Wie auch immer. 'The Reds', VfB Stuttgart, are the most famous and popular local club. Ich habe im Internet mich schon etwas umgeschaut, aber nichts richtiges gefunden. The city boasts the largest mineral water deposits in Europe after Budapest,[143][145] with over 250 springs within the urban area.[145]. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. The museum traces the rich history of Württemberg with many artifacts from its dukes, counts and kings, as well as earlier remnants dating back to the Stone Age. As the capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart is an important political centre in Germany and the seat of the State Parliament, or Landtag as well as all Baden-Württemberg state departments. He accepted, was named Court Preacher in Stuttgart, and worked in concert with Ambrosius Blarer until his dismissal following his resistance to the Augsburg Interim by the Duke in 1548. Klett favored the idea of a modernist Automotive city with functional divisions for residential, commercial and industrial areas according to the Athens Charter. Stuttgart has two American Football teams: the Stuttgart Silver Arrows, who play in the Regionalliga Südwest, and the Stuttgart Scorpions as part of the German Football League, who play in Stuttgarter Kickers' Gazi Stadium. Snow cover tends to last no longer than a few days although it has been known to last several weeks at a time as recently as 2010. In 1915, 29 bombs struck the city and the nearby Rotebühlkaserne, killing four soldiers and injuring another 43, and likewise killing four civilians. TEDxStuttgart 2017 "New Understanding" am 23. [22] Under current plans to improve transport links to the international infrastructure (as part of the Stuttgart 21 project), the city unveiled a new logo and slogan in March 2008 describing itself as "Das neue Herz Europas" ("The new Heart of Europe"). [77] From 1841 to 1846, the Jubiläumssäule was erected on the Schlossplatz before the New Palace according to the plans of Johann Michael Knapp to celebrate the rule of King Wilhelm I. In 1948, the city applied to become the capital of the soon to-be Federal Republic of Germany, and was a serious contender against Frankfurt, Kassel, and Bonn. On 25 April 1952, the other two parts of the former German states of Baden and Württemberg, South Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern merged and formed the modern German state of Baden-Württemberg, with Stuttgart as its capital. The nearby court at Archive Street (German: Archivstraße) 12A was also used as a central location for executions in Southwest Germany, as the headstone located in its atrium dedicated to the 419 lives lost there recalls. Under pressure from the revolutionaries, Wilhelm II refused the crown, but also refused to abdicate the throne. One of the headquarters of the public Südwestrundfunk (SWR; Southwest Broadcasting) channels (several radio and one TV channel; regional focus on the southwestern German States of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate) is located in Stuttgart (the other ones being Baden-Baden and Mainz). [64] The rule of Charles Eugene also saw the tutoring and origins of Friedrich Schiller in Stuttgart, who studied medicine and completed The Robbers here. Useful Resources. Hundreds of SMEs are still based in Stuttgart (often termed Mittelstand), many still in family ownership with strong ties to the automotive, electronics, engineering and high-tech industry. info) este capitala landului german Baden-Württemberg.Cu peste 590.000 de locuitori, este cel mai mare oraș al landului. Stuttgart also has a Standseilbahn, a funicular railway that operates in the Heslach area and the forest cemetery (Waldfriedhof). His son, Eberhard I "the Illustrious",[27] would be the first to begin the many major expansions of Stuttgart under the House of Württemberg. ... neun wurden in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß geplündert, wodurch ein Schaden in Höhe eines sechs- bis siebenstelligen Betrags entstand. [97] The next year the Nazi regime began the arrests and deportation of Stuttgart's Jewish inhabitants, beginning with the entire male Jewish population of Stuttgart, to the police-run prison camp at Welzheim or directly to Dachau. Er habe sich so etwas in Stuttgart nicht vorstellen können. The park has been used to stage many gardening shows since the 1950s, including the Bundesgartenschau and 1993 International Gardening Show, and runs miniature trains all around the park in the summer months for children and adults. In addition to several universities and colleges (e.g. Together with the Badische Landesbibliothek (BLB) in Karlsruhe it also has the legal deposit for Baden-Württemberg, making it an archive library. The archived material is in principle open to the public and can be consulted in the reading room in Bellingweg 21 in Bad Cannstatt. [83], During World War I, the city was a target of air raids. The first is the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour (also called the CityTour Stuttgart), lasting from 10 AM to 4 PM that takes visitors around the city. Eberhard I, then Count Eberhard V, became the first Duke of Württemberg in 1495, and made Stuttgart the seat of the Duchy of Württemberg … When the Emperor died in 1519, Ulrich struck, seizing the Free Imperial City of Reutlingen, prompting the League to intervene. (2011) city, 585,890; urban agglom., 2,206,100. Corrections? The foremost of these is the Old State Gallery (opened in 1843, extended in 1984) which holds art dating from the 14th to 19th century including works by Rubens, Rembrandt, Monet, Renoir, Cézanne and Beuys. [31] When the Romans were driven back past the Rhine and Danube rivers in the 3rd century by the Alamanni,[32] the settlement temporarily vanished from history until the 7th century. Several attempts were made by the organization to free the terrorists during the "German Autumn" of 1977 that culminated in such events as the kidnap and murder of Hanns-Martin Schleyer and the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181. 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There were prehistoric settlements and a Roman fort in the area of Bad Cannstatt (a suburb), but Stuttgart itself originated as a Stuotgarten, a Gestüt, or stud farm, set up about 950. In 2006 it was also one of the host cities of the Football World Cup. The nature of Stuttgart's hilly landscape often makes changes in the city's height. [114] Since the 1950s, Stuttgart has been the third largest city in southern Germany behind Frankfurt and Munich. In July 2010, Stuttgart unveiled a new city logo, designed to entice more business people to stay in the city and enjoy breaks in the area. There are expansive areas of woodland to the west and south west of Stuttgart which are popular with walkers, families, cyclists and ramblers. All this would be lost to the Württembergs during the reign of his son, Ulrich. A number of auto-enthusiast magazines are published in Stuttgart.[174]. Important expressways like B10, B14, B27 and B29 connect Stuttgart with its suburbs. The advent of Industrialisation in Germany heralded a major growth of population for Stuttgart: In 1834, Stuttgart counted 35,200 inhabitants,[80] rose to 50,000 in 1852, 69,084 inhabitants in 1864,[80] and finally 91,000 residents in 1871. The immediate aftermath of the War would be marked by the controversial efforts of Arnulf Klett, the first Oberbürgermeister of Stuttgart, to restore the city. To this end, he once again began a construction boom all over the Duchy under the direction of Court Architect Aberlin Tretsch;[50] knowing full well that the time of the Reisekönigtum was over, Christoph and Tretsch rebuilt and remodeled the Old Castle into a Renaissance palace,[42] and from 1542 to 1544, what is today the Schillerplatz was built as a town square. The suburbs of Bad Cannstatt and Berg are health centres with many mineral springs, from which are exported bottled mineral water, and the famous Cannstatter Folk Festival is held in the Cannstatt Meadows every autumn. [53] Charles Alexander himself died in 1737, meaning his son Charles Eugene became the premature Duke (and later King) at the age of nine. In 2007, Stuttgart hosted the 2007 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Jetzt tut sich der etablierte Propagandaapparat schwer mit der Deutung des Geschehens. Initially overshadowed by nearby Bad Cannstatt, the town grew steadily and was granted a charter in 1320. Dies war die erste Einnahme Roms seit dem Einfall der Gallier rund 800 Jahre zuvor. A peculiarity of Stuttgart is the Zahnradbahn, a rack railway that is powered by electricity and operates between Marienplatz in the southern inner-city district of the city and the district of Degerloch. [30] The land and title of Duke of Swabia remained in Liudolf's hands until his rebellion was quashed by his father four years later. Nach den nächtlichen Ausschreitungen in Stuttgart vernimmt die Polizei 20 Festgenommene. ... WER HAT ANGST VOR SIBYLLE BERG | Trailer [HD] - … "Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht...". In October 2009 the Stuttgart Ministry of Agriculture announced that the European Union was to officially recognise the pasta dish Maultaschen as a "regional specialty", thus marking its significance to the cultural heritage of Baden-Württemberg. [17], Stuttgart is unusual in the scheme of German cities. The continuing importance of wine to the local economy is marked every year at the annual wine festival ('Weindorf'). In the 150th year since his death (1955), the last remnant of the alma mater of Friederich Schiller, the Karlsschule, was removed in favor of an expansion to the Bundesstraße 14. Punktuell und wahllos sind Geschäfte beschädigt und geplündert: eine Eisdiele, die Filiale einer Fast-Food-Kette, ein Ein-Euro-Shop. Stuttgart's viticulture, first documented in the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1108 AD,[34] kept people in the area of that stud farm for some time, but the area was still largely overshadowed by nearby Cannstatt because of its role as a local crossroad for many major European trade routes. Die Polizei nahm nach eigenen Angaben 24 Tatverdächtige fest. Schaufenster gingen zu Bruch, Geschäfte, (Polizei) Fahrzeuge wurden zerstört, eben die selben Bilder, wie man sie aus der USA zur Zeit kennt (auf Twitter einfach Stuttgart … In May 1965 Queen Elizabeth II made a state visit to Stuttgart and nearby Marbach and Schwäbisch Hall. Stuttgart is sourrounded by hills which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. [149], In 1993 Stuttgart hosted the International Garden Show in the suburb of Killesberg. How far is it to Stuttgart and in which country is it located? The region currently has Germany's highest density of scientific, academic and research organisations. Facebook. [citation needed], Stuttgart also has its own rail freight centre with marshalling yards and a container terminal in the Obertürkheim area of Hedelfingen. Find out how much you can save / Original price / Tax Refund (approx.) Ferdinand III, King of the Romans, entered the city in 1634 and, two years later in 1636, once again attempted to re-Catholicize Württemberg. It is the centre of the largest industrial zone in southwestern Germany and holds various trade fairs and congresses. Die Plünderung Roms durch überwiegend westgotische Krieger unter Alarich erfolgte vom 24. bis zum 27. [49] Duke Ulrich himself died two years later, and was succeeded by his son, Christoph. hallo. [24], Stuttgart is a city with a high number of immigrants. On 26 April 1919, a new constitution was devised, and the final draft was approved and ratified on 25 September 1919 by the Constituent Assembly.

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